• Paul Perez

Life's many Changes

Its been two years since my last blog post, and five years since my final collection.

I started my brand five years ago, full of excitement, and optimism, with no business experience and little to no funds.

Since then my life outside of design changed so much so, it was hard to continue working the brand. Towards the end of that chapter, I had given what I thought then as a good try at breaking into the industry.

Looking back now, I was stubborn, taking almost exclusively my own advice, but luckily it got me to a point I had never dreamed I would reach. I owned a retail shop, had employees and had a constant stream of clients and publicity, with interns asking to work with me for short periods.

It was one of those interns that changed my perspective, almost as if I could look back at myself, I saw a designer I no longer recognised. My mental health had declined to a dangerous level, and I was no longer inspired nor driven.

At this point in my life, I decided to focus my energy on things that still made me smile and gave me long term joy. Besides the stereotypical answers travel, friendships and love, I focused on an early passion teaching.

Back into education, I went only to become a Design & Technology teacher. This helped me give back, which in-tern gave me the energy I craved and the drive I lacked.

I had forgotten to focus on my dreams in a positive light, allowing others to influence my direction and ego.

Although that was the case, I always knew I would return when the time was right to try again and see if I could run a successful fashion brand.

My closest friends saw the damage the last attempt had. Situations such as my uncontrollable ego, to the financial burden it caused due to my inability to say no, or charge acquaintances correctly.

All things I learnt from, and am willing to correct this time around.

A refreshing feature is I start again the same way I did the first time, little experience in business, low funding and the drive to succeed. I plan on starting small this time building the brand the right way, alone at first and in time with additional help when I genuinely need it.

I thank those that tried to help me the first time around. Apologies to those I lost during that era, and I look forward to changing the wrongs I made in the past.

If you're reading this, you may be one of the few that genuinely positively supported me. I will start small and work hard juggling my teaching career with that of my passions, and I will prove myself the right way, bring focus to the talented people I find along the way.

Grab a glass and here's to Friends, Family & the Future.

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