• Paul Perez

Stride of Pride

The time has come to explain my disappearance from fashion as of late.

Three years ago I began a dream of organising a fashion exhibition in my homeland of Gibraltar. Around October of last year Gibraltar cultural services took on the concept and after working closely with them it began to take shape.

I am overjoyed to announce that at the end of the month the exhibition will open. This will promote all the best of what has been, and is currently happening within the local fashion scene in Gibraltar.

Today after a long meeting with the cultural team, final details were sorted and proofs of boards for display were seen. I was impressed with what they have done, and although some compromises have had to happen in regards to the original concept I am really enjoying the process.

Today I was given the chance to elect the song which models will walk to during the opening night which will be a red carpet event, cocktails included.

Heres a song which didn't make the cut but I enjoyed thoroughly, I look forward to posting about the upcoming event soon.

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