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Fairwell 2017

This year has been full of drastic changes, and regardless I have learnt a lot.

2017 is the year I graduated from the University of East London with a PGCE in Design & Technology, with the hopes of moulding the next generation of designers.

Being a teacher meant the world to me, and with this new responsibility, I have to force myself to reflect on my decisions more so than ever. I have intentionally had to change my lifestyle to suit that of a responsible role model to the students I come in contact with.

With that said, 2017 is the year I mustered up the confidence and entered an international art's exhibition. This was a nerve-racking time for me as my sculpture isn't what can be considered the norm. I worked on developing a concept of a self-portrait without showing the human body. Locally this sort of work isn't seen

very often, and during the awards ceremony, I was given the 2nd prize.

Finally back to fashion updates:

- Midway this year I released a few prints on Society6 which gave people which know the brand the opportunity to purchase a product which had the brand's fabric prints. This has worked well and I will continue to release artwork on the site so if your interested have a look.

- After much hesitation, I have decided to showcase a new collection. I have begun the creative process and hope to have a fully developed concept coming to fruition by the summer months. Within this new collection, I hope to develop the brand's style to showcase the growing changes in my life. We will be working closely with an external fabric manufacturer to give a very personal touch to the coming collection.

Thank You for the support this year, and from everyone at the Paul Perez brand and myself, have a wonderful festive season and a happy new year.

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