• Paul Perez

Face Lifts and Future Plans

About two months ago the team met and decided to give the full company a face lift. Working closely with the team we have now cleaned up the site and given it some new touches. Lets talk about some of the new features to the site. - Online Store: We will be officially selling online in the next coming weeks, arranging with our production team to produce items from the collections which will be shown on the runway.

-Online Exclusives: Having an online store gives us the opertunity to give you all something special now and then. We have arranged some online exclusive merchandise which wont be available anywhere else.

- Concept store: We have recently purchased a small shop in the heart of Gibraltars exclusive casemates area, within the Casemates arcade. This has been the largest of announcements we have, The store will serve as a shop and live workshop which public will be able to see, most days.

We hope to keep you checking the blog, site, and other progresses in the long journey we are on. Love

The Paul Perez Online Team.


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